Anton Marchukov // Антон Марчуков

Note that due to different transliteration rules I may also be named as Anton Martchukov, Anton Marchukov or Anton Martchoukov.


I was born on September 1st, 1986 in Novomoscowsk (Новомосковск) town in Russia. I'm a software developer and a strong believer in the Free Software Philosophy. I'm exclusively use Debian GNU/Linux and actively promote FOSS ideas. Also I'm enthusiastic about biking and traveling.

Currently I'm a head of Novgorod Linux User Group, Ours Сéleste (société cyclotouriste randonneur de Novgorod) and a member of Open Hardware Project Russia, Novgorod Biking Club, Hospitality Club.

Business and "just for fun" requests for developing FOSS software, contributing to FOSS projects, giving lectures and PGP key signing are welcomed.

Contact Information

1024D/FC4FBF28: 96BC 3DAB 231A 7FCC 4F49 D783 9A69 65C1 FC4F BF28


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The blog is not some topic specific, it's just about me. I blog about my life, activities I perform, my thoughts and much more. Updates to the contents of this site is posted there as well.
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